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Garage Door Myths and Facts

So many times I hear things and asked about garage doors and openers that people have heard from their uncle, the guy down the street, Bob the handy man and installers that is either out dated or straight up not true, but still believe in it. I will try to clear some of all the confusion here.


I just bought a garage door opener, now what?

So you got a DIY opener online or picked it up at Home Depot, Lowes or Costco and now it need to be installed.  You are the handy person in the house, then this will be a good Saturday project for you, but if you don’t know what end to use on a Phillips screw driver, I strongly recommend calling some to do the job.

This is a 2 spring setup where the one to the left is brokenGarage door springs.

Garage door springs will break sooner or later. Anyone that has a garage door and use it their springs will break. It all depend how much you use the door. Average springs will last you 5-8 years or as the manufacture put it 10000 cycles. They predict that average people have 4 cycles per day and that gives you 2500 days that are close to 7 years.

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Liftmaster Elite Series 8550 belt drive is here to help with your garage doors problems and garage door opener failure, before you call the garage door service company. Garage doors and garage door openers are not all rocket science, but some is and recommended to let a qualified garage door technician take care of. Springs, cables and all related parts in the counter balance systems are under extreme tension and can be deadly if not handled correct. Garage doors are large and heavy objects that need to Garage door in the apartmentbe handled with care or it will kick your butt. Have a clear understanding of how a garage door work and what make it work before you start any repair. Garage door openers are the same thing and most parts for the opener and remotes come with an instruction to follow.








Girl at the garage door

It’s never a good idea to let the kids and other play ball up against the garage door. It does not take much to make a sharp dent in the door and that will weakened the profiles in the sections. The profiles top and bottom of the sections are the whole strength of the door. On a 16 X 7 plain Jane door the only thing that holds up +200lbs when open is the 5 rollers on each side. The profiles are what that make possible to have +16’ door hanging free in the air only resting on the rollers. As soon you get a sharp dent/damaged into the profile, that is the beginning to the end of the door. First the door will start drop in just a little that most people do not notice, but then with time it will be more and more. Soon there will be a crack in the door and it will spread to the other section that has to take up the load from the damaged section. From there it will go downhill quickly and soon you will need a new garage door.