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What is the purpose of a 1.5 size garage?

Posted 2/9/2020

For those of you considering renovating your garage, buying a new home or adding a garage to your home, you may have asked yourself "what is the purpose of a 1.5 size garage?" There are many benefits to having a 1.5-size garage, but first, what really qualifies as a 1.5-size garage, and how does it differ from other garage types?

What is a 1.5 size garage?

A 1.5 size garage is best defined as being between a single garage and double garage. Most single car garages range from 12ft to 16ft wide and 22ft to 24ft deep and dual car garages range from 20ft to 24ft wide and 22ft to 24ft deep. A 1.5-size garage ranges between 16ft wide and just under 20ft wide. Whether a 1.5-size garage is right for you and your home depends on what you use your car garage for just car storage, a workshop and / or extra storage?

What do you use your garage for?

Want to store two or more cars in your garage? If so, a 1.5-size garage is probably not the best option for you. But if you want to store a car and maintain a small workshop, or if you want to store a car and store additional items in your garage, a 1.5-size garage is probably the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.

They provide more storage

Storing a single car in a single car garage simply does not fit into the garage space. If you own a large SUV or truck, a regular single garage just may not be enough for you. This is especially true in case you want to use your garage for additional storage. If you want to be able to easily pull your large vehicle into the garage and not worry about hitting or needing to move your storage items, a 1.5-size garage will be able to alleviate those concerns.

They create better workspaces

Even if you only want to store a single car in your garage without anything else in it, you still need to consider the benefits of a 1.5 garage. Ever need to fix something in your car and not want to work outside in the cold and the rain? Or would you live in the cool shade of your garage? Single car garages often just do not have room to accommodate the handy individual working on their car. It often leaves the garage feeling too tight and closed with no room to maneuver and makes the work you are trying to do so much more difficult and tedious to do.

Once you decide which garage size is best for you, contact Precision Door Spokane so that we can fit and install the best garage door for you. We can fit single and double garage doors as well as doors to 1.5 size garages.