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Pros and cons of garage door windows

Posted 2/10/2020

Aesthetically, windows on your garage door can really make a drastic difference. Especially with solid metal doors, windows will work to break down the space and add some architectural details to what would otherwise be an empty dull wall.

Adding windows to your garage door can significantly change the look of your home. When you have no other windows in your garage, adding them to the door will greatly improve daytime lighting and give the garage a more open feel. Windows can be added in several styles and at multiple heights that will compliment your home's style and do a good job of increasing your property's curb appeal.

A common concern for windows on your garage door is privacy reduction. you may not particularly want people to know if you are always at home. And if you have a tendency to store your valuables inside, this can also lead to security concerns. To remedy this when purchasing a new door, be sure to add the windows to the upper level panels. This makes it very difficult to see inside the door as most people at normal height will not be able to see through the upper level without the help of a stepstool or ladder.

If the look of the third panel, eye-level windows are more aesthetically pleasing to you, but you're still worried about security, considered frosted or stained glass. A beautiful look that will work on obstructing the prospect of nasty neighbors or tasteless types while not detracting from your natural lighting.