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How to choose the perfect color for your garage door.

Posted 2/13/2020

Whether you give your existing garage door a new paint color or invest in a brand new door, choosing the perfect color for such a large surface can be difficult. Your garage door plays a huge role in the overall look of your home or its curb appeal. Your style and color choice can either make it blend into the rest of your house or make it stand out and draw the eye. To help with that, we've put together a quick list of tips to keep in mind when thinking about how you want your garage door to complement or contrast with your home.

If the exterior of your home is painted in a neutral color, such as light brown, tan, beige or gray, a white garage door may be the perfect match for you. The white lights the house paint color and can make everything come together very nicely if the trim is also white.

If you do not want your garage door to stand out, you must have a professional color that matches it to your home. This will make the house appear larger and you can move the focal point of the front of your house away from the garage and towards the front door.

If your home is white, adding a color to your garage door adds some life and style to your home's exterior look and displays your personality, whether minimalist neutral or a light, energetic pop.

For a sophisticated look, darker paint on a garage door really makes a statement, like black or darker shades of blue and green.

If your home is built with bricks, you can either paint your garage door white for a traditional and very clean style or use a color also found in bricks, such as brown, tan or even wood, for an elegant and overall look.

These are just a few tips and ideas to get you started