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Glass Garage Door Full View

Posted 2/6/2020

Are you looking to upgrade the exterior of your home or do you need to replace the garage door and you want to scale up? Glass garage doors do this in a big way. Glass garage doors are unmistakably modern in appearance and with a range of accessories available can complement the styles of many different homes.

The glass used in glass doors is extremely durable and the structure is of aluminum, strong and lightweight structure to go along with the heavier glass. For durability, the aluminum is anodized to withstand corrosion.

Garage doors are not just for garages, more and more architects and homeowners are using garage doors to make massive openings in a wall for kitchens and indoor / outdoor spaces. The amount of light that can be let in is unmatched by any conventional window technology and much cheaper than a sliding glass wall. Glass roll-up doors also allow your floor to remain uninterrupted - great for floating spaces.

Do you have severe weather? Insulated glass doors are very effective at keeping heat inside, are completely corrosion- and mold-resistant and never disappear. Investing in a glass garage door is a long-term bargain.

Whether you want to showcase a classic clear glass car, have the best lit man cave in town, or use privacy glasses, your options are yours. Frosted glass offers privacy and light, and the multiple glass panels add architectural details to the chosen colors and add a dramatic wow factor!