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Garage door security features.

Posted 2/14/2020

In the past, your garage door had the potential to be the least secure part of your home. Fortunately, there has been great progress in this area, and now your garage door can be as secure as any other door in your home. We make your home security one of our top priorities, starting with our advanced, technologically innovative garage door openers.

Genie 6070H Wall mounted operator look nice and clean.Our garage door operators have full load of features designed not only to keep your belongings safe, but also to keep you and your loved ones safe. From advanced technology to simple mechanical upgrades, here are some important safety components to keep in mind when comparing garage door openers.

Advanced encrypted wireless technology
With all the benefits that come with technological advances in modern living, there is an equal degree of security concerns. Older garage door openers are worked out with issues involving hackers and code grabbers finding ways to capture the remote's opening codes and let themselves into your home. This makes investing in newer models with current technology all the more important. Today's openers are designed with security features including scrolling codes and encryption, which can generate billions of combinations, making it nearly impossible to get illegally cracked.

Trolley Release System
One of the most common methods used to break into garages may involve the use of the emergency release cable. When this cord is pulled, your garage door can be operated manually, which means that if it is accessible from the outside, it can be a pretty seriously weak link to your home's security. Thieves have been known to use a simple wire rack or similar, inserted through a crack in the door, to pull this cord and open your garage door. Here, complicated progress is not always so necessary! Newer high quality garage door openers have come with a simple refinement to completely solve this old design flaw by requiring the cord to be retracted rather than down. Still just as easy to operate in an emergency, but much more logical for security purposes.

LiftMaster Wall Control, lift up the flap for more functions.Remote lock out
Remote locking is a little small feature on LiftMaster and Chamberlain operators, allowing the homeowner to disconnect all remote controls while leaving the keypad to operate simply by holding down the lock button on your wall station for three seconds. Then the LEDs on the panel will flash. This is a handy feature to use when leaving town or have a remote control lost or stolen. To re-enter, simply hold down the lock button for three seconds again until the LEDs are fixed.