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Garage door opener for mobile phone

Posted 2/5/2020

These days, we use our cell phones for everything and always seem to have them nearby. They seem to have changed from a simple communication tool to an electronic Swiss army knife capable of almost anything, something useful and some purpose. A seemingly very handy program we have found is to configure your phone as a garage door opener. There are actually a few different ways this can be accomplished, so we thought we would guide you through a few of the most popular setups just to get you started.

New opens with built-in WiFi

If you are looking to recreate your garage, or you start from scratch, new garage door openers with built-in WiFi are often created, all of which are ready to be configured for use with your mobile phone or even a computer or tablet. This is the best way to go if you are looking for all the bells and whistles. Check and monitor your garage door anywhere in the world, let stranded family members or delivery personnel in and get rid of the obscure remote you have on your screen. Professional installation and setup are also valuable perk!

Add-on WiFi receiver

If you are not quite ready to install a brand new system, you can purchase an add-on receiver that can connect to your existing model. They connect to your home network and work the same way as they do with built-in remote control and mobile phone applications. These DIY receivers generally only require connecting a few wires and then synchronizing with your router. An excellent choice if you are a little electronically inclined and want to save a few bucks.

Bluetooth receiver

The last option we have found is the simple Bluetooth receiver. Installation is similar to the added WiFi, but without having to connect to your internet. The main difference is its range. These openers only work when your mobile phone is in close enough range to connect to Bluetooth. But an added benefit of these systems is the ability to configure an automatic open and close feature when your phone either connects to or disconnects from Bluetooth. These are very handy, especially for motorcycles.