A Complete Guide to Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

Posted 7/6/2013

A Complete Guide to Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

By Ophelia N. Sesame

There is lots of information on the web about the Liftmaster brand. One of the best places to start is at the company's website. However, the basic and most essential info from their customer help section has been summarized for you below. To learn even more details about the brand, please visit and explore the site.

Liftmaster has garage door openers and accessories for residential use. These openers are reputed for exceptional performance, diversity in features and durability. All models offered by the Liftmaster are ultimate in security and safety features and offers varying horsepower levels to suit your requirements. Liftmaster garage door openers are known to withstand many years of use and harsh weather condition and designed with accessories that can help ensure convenient access to your home. Here is a complete guide to Liftmaster garage door openers which you will find to be of great use.

1. Liftmaster's Belt Drive Systems

The belt drive systems from Liftmaster are reputed for quiet operation. They deliver reliability in performance and offers smooth running power. This is an excellent choice for families that have living space just above the garage. The garage door can open without producing unnecessary noise hence no disturbance caused.

Among the models in the belt drive category is the 8550 Elite Series which offers integrated battery backup and a wide range of intelligent features. It uses MyQ technology to allow home owners close or open their garage doors regardless of their position in the world. This can be done by using a computer or a smartphone.The garage door opener works even when there is power outage hence you don't have to worry being locked out of your garage.

2. Liftmaster's Screw Drive Openers

Their screw drive garage door openers have been designed to offer smooth and quiet running even when the temperatures are extreme. They are known to offer ultimate experience in performance.

3. Liftmaster's Chain Driven Openers

A higher percentage of garage door openers available in the market these days are chain driven and Liftmaster has many of its chain driven brands in the market. These brands are durable, reliable and offer excellent performance. If you check online, you will discover there is a long list of chain driven Liftmaster brands.

Choosing Based On Requirements

However, there are certain instances when home owners aren't sure of the Liftmaster brands that suit their requirements perfectly well. They have put in place a "Model Comparison Chart" which lists all the features that comes with a particular brand of a home garage door opener.

After reading through every model available features and comparing them with whatever you require, you can be pretty sure you will be better informed to make the right decision based on the need at hand.

Programming Steps

The garage door openers can be programmed to meet certain requirements. You can choose to activate your remote control to work with your garage door opener, commercial door opener and other related. The programming steps are simpler and anyone can follow them. However, if for any reason you are unable to do it, you can ask for help from Liftmaster's technical department.

Getting Technical Support

Furthermore, the standard of technical support offered by the company is exceptional. You can reach the experienced, friendly and knowledgeable technical team on phone within normal working hours Monday to Friday and a few hours during Saturday. Another option to ask for assistance is by using an email.

Ophelia N. Sesame is an expert on home electronics and newer garage door openers. She enjoys writing about DIY topics and delights in sharing tips with her readers. Visit and explore the site to learn more.

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