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What is your garage door telling you?

Posted 5/31/2015

Most every household item has a way of "telling" us if it needs a little attention. Door hinges squeak when they need a shot of WD-40. Showerheads leak if they need a new gasket or tightening. The toilet runs and runs when the flapper needs changing. The same goes for your garage door and motor.

The average garage door goes up and down 8-10 times each day -- nearly 3,000 times a year! As one of your home's most important security features, you need to make sure it's well maintained and serviced regularly.

Here are a handful of common signs to help you diagnose what your garage door and motor may be telling you.

The Noisy Motor

A noisy motor indicates that it is lifting too much weight. This may mean your motor is need of an overhaul or replacement. It's also possible the springs on your door are wearing out (see below) and aren't bearing as much weight as they should when the door opens and closes.

The Droopy Chain/Belt

A droopy chain or belt is usually an indicator that the main gear in your motor is worn out or close to failing. The droop is addressed by replacing the main gear and the adjusting/re-setting the chain/belt.

The Screeching Door

The screeching door can make you the talk of your neighborhood!

This howling or screeching likely indicates that the door is out of alignment and needs adjustment. If this is the case with your door, don't let it go too long without having it serviced. The more it gets out of alignment the more likely it is to bend and ruin the door.

The Raucous Rollers

If the rollers inside your garage door track sound like a chugging train you know they are worn out. It's not surprising that this is a maintenance item that needs addressed from time to time given how often the door goes up and down.

The Saggy Springs

The springs are a very important part of smooth garage door functionality. To test if the springs need replacing, release your door from the chain/belt with the lever. Manually lift the door up about waist height.

If the door falls back down, then your springs to be replaced before one or both of them break and strand you and your vehicle.

Each of these symptoms can be addressed and likely kept up with regular annual maintenance. If your garage door and/or motor are "telling" you that it needs a little attention be sure to contact your garage door company. Many times you can finde their sticker on the door.