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Use of your garage as a laundry room.

Posted 2/14/2020

Whether you have decided to move your washer and dryer out to the garage, or whether you were willing your garage laundry room, there are ways to do it just as well as an indoor laundry room. Don't stick to a dark, cold garage full of car parts. Here's a quick guide to making your garage laundry room whatever it may be.

Not the way to do it.Clean!
As with all home projects, your first move should be a good deep cleansing. This is especially true for a room that will be used for cleaning. Thank you later! Clear the area you want to use for laundry of other garage items, ie. tools, car care, sports equipment and toys and scrub down the walls and any shelves you already have in place. You will be much happier (well, as happy as you can be while doing laundry) in your room when it is free of clutter and dust. A good tip to keep your slice top from becoming a tool bench or general pick up is simply putting a room divider or, if possible, a large window shade, really something to create the feel of a separate room. Sometimes just breaking the room is enough to discourage penetration.

Organization and storage
It is amazing how a good organization can help make duty seem almost fun. If you do not already have something, you will need minimal shelves. A basic place to at least keep your laundry detergent out of the way. Ideally, the more comfortable you make your laundry, the easier it is to wash your clothes. Adjustable wire shelf is actually great for a laundry room because it works both as a conventional (waterproof) shelf and a drying rack of sorts.

Another really nice thing to have nearby is a hanging rod. If you do not have the right setup to install one, consider turning a towel bar upside down and attaching it to the underside of a shelf.

If you are lucky enough, it is always nice to find a clear place for folding and can act as an ironing area when needed.

Finally, there are two must-haves in your garage laundry: good lighting and a rug. A good air light will prevent you from missing any of these creepy stains, and a rug will make a cement floor portable at colder temps!

Nice and clean.Heating, cooling and ventilation
An uninsulated garage can typically get a bit uncomfortable at least for part of the year. It's a good idea to find out where you want to keep either a space heater or a fan when you set everything up so you can still function normally when it's time to use it. For those of you who have cold winters, make sure your plumbing is well insulated. Frozen pipes and flooded garages make laundry difficult! But most importantly: make sure your dryer closes out and that your ventilation openings stay clean that you don't want a garage fire!