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How to loosen and reset the emergency cord on a garage door

Posted 2/5/2020

Every once in awhile you may find yourself with a garage door that you need to move manually due to a failure in the garage door parts, engine or power supply. Sometimes your power is off, sometimes there may be an actual emergency, other times you may just need to check to see if your garage door is broken. At Precision Door of Spokane, we want to make sure that whatever you owe to pulling the emergency cord on your garage door, you properly unplug your garage door opener and have the ability to resubmit the garage door later. Below are some simple instructions so you know exactly how to quickly reset your garage door.

1. The door must be in the down position

Before disconnecting your garage door opener from your garage door, make sure the door is in the down position. It is extremely dangerous to try to loosen your door in the up position. This is due to the fact that if the spring on your garage door is damaged, it can cause the full weight of the garage door to drop. This can cause damage to anything under the garage door, including yourself, as well as destroy the garage door.

If your garage door is stuck in the open position, contact Precision Door of Spokane immediately so we can fix your door before serious damage occurs. We have 24-hour relief, just in situations as dangerous as this.

2. Pull the emergency release cable

The emergency release cable is the red rope hanging from the door wagon. The carriage is connected to the door and moves with the door as it is opened and closed. Through the attachment point, the carriage is also connected to the opening carriage. The opening trolley is the automated mechanism that moves the door along the door rail / rail. The emergency release cord disconnects the carriage through attachment point from the opener carriage, allowing the door to slide along the lane without the automatic carriage. This allows you to manually open and close the garage door.

3. Manually move the garage door and return to the down position

Step 2 allows you to freely move the garage door open and close. When you have finished maneuvering your garage door and are ready to re-enable the automatic door opener, return the garage door to the down position.

4. Pull the emergency release cable toward the door

Relative to the emergency release cord, the carriage has two positions: connected and disconnected. These two positions change the position of the spring handle on the carriage. When the spring arm is in the disengaged position, the spring arm is extended. This position is achieved by pulling the shutter cable down and away from the door, towards the engine. When the spring handle is in the connected position - the position required to re-enter the garage door opener, the spring handle is compressed. To reach the connected position, pull the emergency release cable down and toward the door away from the engine.

5. Reconnect the carriage to the opener carriage

From here, there are two ways to connect the carriage back to the opener car. You can do this manually after the emergency cord spring handle is put in the connected position. Simply slide the door along the track until the attachment point is reconnected. Or you can hit the remote control for your garage door opener and the opener will automatically reconnect with the cart through the attachment point. In either case, you will hear a loud click when the attachment point reconnects. At this point, the emergency release cable on your garage door should be reset and ready to be used in case you need to manually move your garage door.