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How does a new garage door add value?

Posted 2/6/2020

Recently, several reports have shown that installing a new garage door for your home adds value. Remodeling of the magazine's latest report cost vs. value indicated that homeowners experienced a return of 84% of their investment when installing a new garage door.

Other reports further confirm this high return. In 2014, the U.S. published News and World Report that replacing your garage door gives an 83.7% return on investment. Fox News reported in 2011 that not only does it return to replace your garage door high in value of the investment, but it is the only way to improve the value of your home.

But how does this investment actually add value to your home?

Here are three ways this investment adds value to your home:

1. Improves the security of your home

A new garage door means it uses newer technology. Not only can you choose the material your garage door is made of as steel, but you can also make sure your door operates within federal garage door opener regulations. If your door was made before 1993, it is unlikely to even pass inspection (UL 325).

You keep important things in your garage: cars, workshop materials, tools, valuables you have stored over the years, and a door to the place where you eat, sleep and relax. Shouldn't the garage door be as secure as your front door, if not more?

2. Improves street appeal

You can now add more beautiful features to your garage door than ever before. Do you live in a wooded area? Why not add custom wooden doors so that your home matches the beauty of the world outside of you? Anodized aluminum and glass doors add a contemporary touch to a modern house. The wrong colored doors or the wrong material can easily detract from the aesthetic of your home. Just as landscaping and a fresh coat of paint can add value to your home, it also adds a new garage door.

3. Improves energy efficiency

New garage doors can help insulate your home. Not only does this improve the sum of your energy bill at the end of the month, but it is also good for the environment. When you need less energy to keep warm, you use less energy. An older garage door could suck all the warm air from your home. A good way to use less energy is to provide better insulation using a new garage door to keep out the cold.

If you want to make your home more secure, you need to improve your aesthetic edge and increase the energy efficiency of your home.