Problems we see with Genie Screw Drive Opener.

Posted 11/26/2012

Genie intellicode screw drive openerThe Genie intellicode screw drive opener has been a very big seller @ the big box stores, but in the last year or so they start stocking with Genies new products. What I will try to cover here is Genie intellicode screw drive opener with an aluminum rail and if bought @ the big box store it will be a 3-piece rail.

First you need to grease up that rail. The easier and smooth the screw inside the rail turn, the less stress on the motor. The grease also help keep the carriage lubed. Before you grease the rail, get the paper towels out and plenty, you will need it and wipe the rail clean for old grease. Do not use whatever grease you have in the garage and do not use any spray lube that will be a short time solution. Get some Genie Lube or Lubriplate Low Temp grease and put an even bead all the way down screw inside the rail. Don’t overdo it or it will drip on the floor as it builds up in front of the carriage. Besides that, there is not much service for the Genie intellicode screw drive opener.

The failures of Genie intellicode screw drive opener. The carriage Genie intellicode screw drive openerassembly is what I see wear out most. Why does it wear out? Many reasons, dry out screw drive, heavy door/broken spring, bad assembly of the rail and screw it self, just to name a few. It will sound like you are grinding gears when you try to operate the door, but it is an easy part to replace. Disconnect the rail @ the wall mount and swing it gently to one side so you can slide the carriage off the rail and get the new one back on. You might need to loosen the ceiling mount @ the motor head to get some play and movement. Tighten everything back up and ready to go.

The coupler between the screw and the motor goes out now and then. You will hear the motor running, but nothing moves. Look up and see if the screw turns when the motor is running. If not the coupler is bad. Take out the 2 bolts that connect motor head to rail and loosen the bolt and screws for the ceiling mount to give you some play to pull the motor head and rail apart. The coupler or what left of it will be in there. Get the new one and put it on the motor shaft and look how the female end sits and then turn the screw to match up. It will then slide back together. Put the bolts in and tighten it all up and you done.

Sure there is other small stuff that can happen and go wrong with the Genie screw drive opener as board failure, rpm sensor failure and blown motor start capacitor. When the capacitor blows it can be quite dramatic. A big pop and lots of smoke, but easy and cheap part to replace.

Genie intellicode screw drive motor failure is a very common thing that happens. The opener will get louder and louder over time and at some point it will not go and there will be a short hum. You can adjust the up and down force for a short time. It will be a grinding sound and sometimes it will go other times not and just hum. That’s the signs of replacement. For me it looks like the motor bushing has little to no grease to work with and they sit so deep into the motor so it’s impossible to get any grease or lube in where it need to be.